15 November 2014

Are you scared yet?

Take a look at these articles, many are inspired from my childhood in Romania and my grandma's stories but some are just based on my sick imagination.

Get the strigoi off my back!
A horror story told by my grandma when I was a child. She heard it when she was a child as well and it all happened in a little place called Fierbinti Targ, Romania. A story that still bring chills to my spine...

Graveyard Soldier
A bizarre, tragic story that actually happened in a village close to Fierbinti Targ, Romania.

Ielele, the ladies of the dawn
The Romanian nymphs and the deadly magic that surrounds them.

Bloody teardrops
A polite conversation in an ordinary train...then again...maybe not so polite, maybe not so ordinary at all.

Apple Tree
Another true story my grandma told me about her grandfather, love and...an apple tree.

El Dia de los Muertos
The Halloween party I went to and the remarkable experience I had.

Letters of the broken hearts
When love just means love even though the lovers aren't human.

03 November 2014


How do you tell the world you are misunderstood? How do you tell people that your own way of thinking is a bit more complex than they think it is? How do you prove that? How do you explain it? It’s a hard question isn’t it? But it’s even worse when you have to give an example.

How do you explain that your own feelings are…well…just the same as any other person’s but you basically magnify them to an unbearable limit? Heartbroken? To a normal person it’s horrible but to you it’s excruciating. Love? To a normal person it’s beautiful, but to you it’s an obsession.  Hatred? Don’t get me started on that one.

Sometimes, most of the times, I feel misunderstood. I try to explain what I feel and how I am feeling but people just don’t understand.

So, it’s nights like these when I wonder if there is anyone out there feeling the same way I do, seeing things the way I see them, experiencing life as I do. It’s difficult because you see, it cannot be explained, it can’t be put on paper, the words that can be put on paper can be recognized and felt by any normal person but the feeling behind it….it’s...beyond words…

So you start hating everyone around you, everyone, because no one understand what you’re going through, a lot pretend like they understand but they don’t. It’s difficult you see, there is a certain way of thinking, a pattern that is not found in a common mind, in a normal mind, just in those crazy, twisted minds that end up in sanitariums or become drug or alcohol addicts. So what to do? Pretend! Pretend you are normal, pretend like you belong to this world, pretend that you are just the same as the rest, that you think the same as the rest, feel the same, act the same, be the same….but it’s hard. Admit it! It’s hard sometimes to pretend to be someone else. Pretend to be…normal when you know you aren’t, when you look in the mirror and you see, you see the truth behind that fake smile, the truth behind those eyes, the truth beneath it all…

Did I fuck you up now? I hope not, life goes on, just like every day, every hour, every minute, every second, sometimes I forget but there are those painful moments when I just have to face reality, face myself. What do I do? I can’t explain it to anyone and when I do people stare at me like I’m some crazy, a lunatic, abnormal. All I can do is just go to sleep and think like I always do, ‘tomorrow I will be a better person, tomorrow I will try to be a more normal person’.