31 December 2014

La multi ani cu sanatate 2015!

Anul nou bate la usa si eu ma tot plimb prin casa ca nu stiu cu ce sa ma imbrac si ma gandesc cam cat o sa dureze diseara pana ma imbat la maxim…cred ca pe la un 18.00 sunt deja ametita si la 21.00 devin melancolica. Pana la ora 00.00 nu mai am chef de nici-un revelion, an nou sau orice speranta pentru un 2015 frumos pentru ca asa cum gandesc in fiecare revelion: ‘anul asta tot de rahat va fi!’ Cam asta e starea mea in aceasta dimineata. Am facut cumparaturile, mancarea din Olanda nu se compara cu delicioasa masa din Romania dar hai incercam, ce sa facem si noi? Am facut putin curat prin casa, bradul meu saracul a inceput sa cheleasca din ziua in care l-am cumparat si in fiecare zi o gramada de ace pe jos. Dar nu-l arunc cum arunca Olandezii o zi dupa Craciun, il las acolo sa faca atmosfera de revelion. Diseara nu am nici-un plan, n-am rezervari la club sau la restaurant ca deh sunt in Olanda ce naiba…nu ca nu se procedeaza si pe aici asa dar pana ajung eu in Amsterdam sau in Rotterdam si pana ma intorc…ca trebuie cu trenul avand in vedere ca vreau sa si beau…Pai lenea e mare si rezultatul nu e deloc spectaculos…cei care au avut experienta de petrecerile de revelion din Olanda ma inteleg, cei care nu stiu, viseaza la un adevarat paradis cu artificii cu miros de cascaval si lalele colorate zburand prin ceruri…a da si DJ’s imbracati in mori de vant…hmm cred ca exagerez dar asta e. Nu am baut inca nimic dar sunt destul de cinica azi.

Dar stati oameni buni ca nu sunt aici sa va stric cheful pentru diseara. Sunt aici sa va amintesc de momentele frumoase…bine bine nu am inceput bine dar o sa incerc sa va inveselesc.

Adica ok se mai intampla din cand in cand sa avem un revelion de rahat…la mine revelioanele frumoase le pot numara pe degete. Dar macar le pot numara si imi aduc aminte de ele razand. Dand buzna la o petrecere unde nu am fost invitata si dansand pana dimineata cu niste straini care devenisera prieteni peste noapte, asta da revelion! Purtand pantalonii unui baiat cand el purta fusta mea si dansand asa ca o nebuna…merge merge. Aflandu-ma in mijlocul Londrei gata gata sa ma storceasca aglomeratia si neputand vedea artificiile de fum si de capatinile tampite de turisti? Un revelion mai putin confortabil dar cu o amintere tampita pe cinste. Sezand pe canapea si uitandu-ma la televizor la videoclipurile anului…un revelion mai putin grandios…Dar asta e cu sarbatorile de anul nou, unele sunt rele, altele nebunesti, altele frumoase, ca si zilele din viata noastra. Nu pot fi toate frumoase pentru ca atunci nu am mai putea aprecia momentele care au meritat cu adevarat, in care ne-am simtit fericiti si bine.

Zic ca ingredientele cele mai bune la revelion sunt: bautura, dispozitia buna si oamenii in jur de care tie drag. Si cam atat. Daca le ai pe astea esti castigator. Corijez, daca le ai pe astea si le apreciezi atunci esti castigator! De multe ori nu ne dam seama de ce avem pana nu e prea tarziu. Apreciaza ce ai, chiar daca nu e mult si bucura-te de acum, nu te mai gandi la maine sau viitor, macar o noapte nu o face. Bea, danseaza si rade daca ai pofta. Daca esti single, agata si tu (cu undita) un baiat frumos sau o fata draguta si danseaza pana dimineata. Stiu, stiu, care sunt sansele nu? O gramada din noi viseaza la o iubire perfecta, romantica cu care sa te uiti la artificii, sa bei sampanie si cu care sa dansezi pana cazi jos..asta vor femeile ca majoritatea barbatilor vor doar una ‘misto si dotata’ cu care sa se distreze pana dimineata. Oricum, daca te trezesti cu el sau cu ea in pat maine dimineata, bravo tie J Suna-ma si pe mine si spune-mi de aventura ta. Dar nu prea devreme maine ca sigur o sa am o durere de cap pe cinste.

La multi ani oriunde va aflati si nu fortati sentimentele, simtiti-va cum vreti voi si faceti ce vreti ca deh e revelionul nebunilor!

18 December 2014

Merry Christmas Stories!

Because it's going to be Christmas soon, I am feeling rather merry and for that reason I will share with you some of my happiness...bloody, gruesome, bones cracking happiness. And I will do it with the next lovely Christmas stories…

Little Andy
Little Andy couldn't wait for Christmas day to come. His mother had been preparing all kinds of meals and little Andy had helped his mommy in the kitchen as best as he could. He helped her with the pumpkin cake and the chocolate chip cookies, even though he ate a few cookies afterwards, for they were very yummy. He helped her with the sweet potato pie and the salad dressing so on Christmas day everything would be ready. 'Just the Turkey in the oven, little Andy,' said his mommy and we will be good to go.

On Christmas day little Andy had a smile on his face. He was present at the Christmas dinner surrounded by mommy and her friends and he was smiling as wide as he could. Well, the smile was a little too wide for he had an apple in his mouth. His eyes looked a little strange, red, puffed...cooked. For you see Andy's mommy was a cannibal and little Andy was the Turkey she was talking about. Little Andy's head was put on a big plate in the centre of the Christmas dinner table while his mommy and her friends, cracked his head open while steam coming out, spooned out his brains out and ate him all up for he was very young and yummy.

The neighbor
Miss Markus was a lonely old woman with a heart of gold. Her husband had died ten years ago and her children moved away to different countries. They were always too busy to visit her around Christmas and so Miss Markus always spent her Christmas days watching TV, alone and sad for she missed having a family. On Christmas day she went to her neighbor, a sweet, friendly woman, to wish her Merry Christmas. She stood on the porch and knocked.

'Hello there!' said the woman smiling. 'We were just having dinner.'

‘Merry Christmas!’

‘Oh how sweet, Merry Christmas to you too!’

'There is something red around your mouth,' said Miss Markus. It looked red with white chunks in it. It must have been cherry pie. The woman wiped off her face while Miss Markus thought of that warm and delicious cherry pie.

'Oh my, how clumsy of me. Why don't you come in?' said the woman.

'I wouldn’t want to intrude.’

‘Oh no, not at all!’ said the jolly woman.


'Yes, of course. We just enjoyed little Andy so much and now we can enjoy you!'

Miss Markus entered the home filled with hope and love. 

The puppy
A few days before Christmas a puppy was born. He was given birth then abandoned, out there on the streets, for he was a street puppy. He trembled in the winter blizzard, his little eyes trying to figure out where he was and what the world was like. He was hungry, cold, alone and confused.

Suddenly he was lifted up, up in the sky. 'Hello there!' said a friendly face. A woman looked at him and smiled. 'You will do just fine,' she said. 'Last Christmas, little Andy helped me with the Christmas dinner but you will have to do this year.' The puppy licked her face for she seemed so nice and her hands were warm and comforting. ‘Oh how sweet!’ she chuckled. ‘We will enjoy you to the fullest!’

The puppy was taken in, cared for and fed until his tummy ached. And on Christmas day he sat on his warm blanket as Andy's mom sang Christmas songs with her friends.

You sick fucks! You wanted Little Andy’s mom to eat him up didn’t you? It's a puppy we are talking about! Are you crazy?!

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, don’t take life too serious especially around the holidays and...don't eat anyone!


15 November 2014

Are you scared yet?

Take a look at these articles, many are inspired from my childhood in Romania and my grandma's stories but some are just based on my sick imagination.

Get the strigoi off my back!
A horror story told by my grandma when I was a child. She heard it when she was a child as well and it all happened in a little place called Fierbinti Targ, Romania. A story that still bring chills to my spine...

Graveyard Soldier
A bizarre, tragic story that actually happened in a village close to Fierbinti Targ, Romania.

Ielele, the ladies of the dawn
The Romanian nymphs and the deadly magic that surrounds them.

Bloody teardrops
A polite conversation in an ordinary train...then again...maybe not so polite, maybe not so ordinary at all.

Apple Tree
Another true story my grandma told me about her grandfather, love and...an apple tree.

El Dia de los Muertos
The Halloween party I went to and the remarkable experience I had.

Letters of the broken hearts
When love just means love even though the lovers aren't human.

03 November 2014


How do you tell the world you are misunderstood? How do you tell people that your own way of thinking is a bit more complex than they think it is? How do you prove that? How do you explain it? It’s a hard question isn’t it? But it’s even worse when you have to give an example.

How do you explain that your own feelings are…well…just the same as any other person’s but you basically magnify them to an unbearable limit? Heartbroken? To a normal person it’s horrible but to you it’s excruciating. Love? To a normal person it’s beautiful, but to you it’s an obsession.  Hatred? Don’t get me started on that one.

Sometimes, most of the times, I feel misunderstood. I try to explain what I feel and how I am feeling but people just don’t understand.

So, it’s nights like these when I wonder if there is anyone out there feeling the same way I do, seeing things the way I see them, experiencing life as I do. It’s difficult because you see, it cannot be explained, it can’t be put on paper, the words that can be put on paper can be recognized and felt by any normal person but the feeling behind it….it’s...beyond words…

So you start hating everyone around you, everyone, because no one understand what you’re going through, a lot pretend like they understand but they don’t. It’s difficult you see, there is a certain way of thinking, a pattern that is not found in a common mind, in a normal mind, just in those crazy, twisted minds that end up in sanitariums or become drug or alcohol addicts. So what to do? Pretend! Pretend you are normal, pretend like you belong to this world, pretend that you are just the same as the rest, that you think the same as the rest, feel the same, act the same, be the same….but it’s hard. Admit it! It’s hard sometimes to pretend to be someone else. Pretend to be…normal when you know you aren’t, when you look in the mirror and you see, you see the truth behind that fake smile, the truth behind those eyes, the truth beneath it all…

Did I fuck you up now? I hope not, life goes on, just like every day, every hour, every minute, every second, sometimes I forget but there are those painful moments when I just have to face reality, face myself. What do I do? I can’t explain it to anyone and when I do people stare at me like I’m some crazy, a lunatic, abnormal. All I can do is just go to sleep and think like I always do, ‘tomorrow I will be a better person, tomorrow I will try to be a more normal person’.

05 August 2014


Dreamers are stupid. They can't think straight, they're always with their heads in the clouds, always unpredictable, can't rely on them. They are always on the verge of going insane and even talk to themselves sometimes.

Dreamers are horrible partners. You can't hold them too tight or too loose. They're always thinking of a perfect passionate love and the perfect partner, so perfect that she or he might not even exist. Dreamers get their hearts broken more often than anyone else because when they love, they can't let go.

Dreamers are the best liars. They can smile and tell you they're fine but they're actually in their own world where all is well because reality makes them miserable.

Dreamers are dreadful listeners. You might think they are listening to you but on that very moment they are creating a parallel universe where everything is filled with adventure, dragons, vampires, werewolves, breath taking worlds, fairies, murder cases, horror stories and so on.

Dreamers are the worst planners. They make horrible decisions, impulsive choices or just can't make a decision at all and prefer living in their own fantasy bubble.

Dreamers are terrible workers. They daydream all day long. To them work is too boring in comparison to the things that take place in their pretty little heads.

Dreamers are the worst I tell you! Never get one! Never be near one! Never listen to one! Trust me! Take it from a dreamer...

29 May 2014

Barastii de Vede continua

Si pentru ca amintirile mor cu noi si daca nu le punem pe hartie nu le va mai avea nimeni, m-am decis sa continu aceasta poveste. De ce nu sa impartim toate amintirile noastre cu restul lumii? Poate asa tinem minte oamenii care o data au fost si acum nu mai sunt, doar prin amintiri ii putem tine in viata.

Si deci de ce sa nu va spun voua de locuitorii din Barastii de Vede? Ce rost ar avea sa pastrez amintirile doar pentru mine? Si cine stie, poate unul dintre cititorii mei v-a recunoaste pe cineva...lumea noastra e mai mica decat ne imaginam.

Povestile de mai jos sunt bazate pe amintirile mele, experientele mele asa cum le-am vazut eu. Poate unele sunt exacte iar altele mai putin. Daca scriu ceva gresit sau care credeti ca lucrurile stateau altfel atunci imi cer scuze dar asa mi le amintesc eu si stiu ca amintirile se schimba si se risipesc o data cu anii care trec.

Si deci sa trecem la subiect:

1. Mosu si Mosica: ei erau vecinii nostri. Numele adevarat nu-l stiu. Meseria lui era de potcovar si l-am vazut o data la treaba, mi se parea o munca super grea. Avea un baston in care se rezema si fuma tigari Carpati. Mosica habar n-am ce ocupatie avea, poate o data in tineretea ei facea si ea rochii cum facea mamaia 'noastra' de la Barasti. Stiu doar ca avea parul negru-negru chiar si la varsta ei inaintata.

2. Mosu si Mosica aveau doi nepoti: Florentina cu care am petrecut cateva momente si Ionut care era victima verisorului meu de cate ori trecea pe la noi. Bine si Ionut era neastamparat. De exemplu, o data arunca cu cirese in verisorul meu si acesta s-a enervat, a luat un pumn de cirese si i-a manjit lui Ionut toata fata cu ele. Ionut in cele din urma a fugit acasa plangand iar Mosica sa speriat rau de tot cand l-a vazut pentru ca a crezut ca era sange pe fata lui. In cele din urme Mosica a venit si ne-a certat. Florentina cred ca s-a maturizat foarte repede si ultima oara cand mai treceam pe acolo se certa mereu cu Mosica.

3. Mureseanca si fata ei, Amalia. Mureseanca ne-a povestit o data de aventura ei cu un Libanez. Nu mai stiu din pacate detaliile, stiu doar ca nu mai erau impreuna si relatia fusese de scurta durata dar Amalia era rezultatul. Era o fata brunetica si frumusica si mi se pare ca s-a casatorit. Stiu ca o data am mers la ea si am ajutat-o in gradina iar in cele din urma mi-a dat orez cu lapte si fuse bun rau!

4. Mircea, era un baiat super de treaba si locuia vis-a-vis de noi. Jucam carti cu el si faceam glume impreuna cand mergeam 'cu vaca'. Mai tarziu s-a casatorit cu o fata de treaba si au avut si copii. Din pacate am aflat dupa cativa ani ca el, sotia si copii au murit intr-un accident tragic de masina dupa ce veneau de la mare. Au lasat in urma lor multa jale si durere.

5. Mihaela si fratele ei. Veneau cu noi la deal cand mergeam cu vaca, ei aveau o oaie si un berbecut (asa tin minte si le dadeam mereu biscuiti). Erau amandoi de treaba si simpaticuti. Fratele ei si-a dat seama ca imi placea de baiatul de care va voi spune mai tarziu si nu uit zambetul lui siretnic atunci cand s-a prins.

6. Boncea: caii lui Boncea: un armasar maro si o iapa alba pistruiata. Boncea avea cei mai frumosi cai din sat. Din pacate ambii cai au murit, unul l-a batut Boncea cand era beat si a murit de la rani iar celalalt s-a imbolnavit si a murit. Tin minte ca adusesem intr-un timp cubulete de zahar ca sa le dau la cai.

7. Nenea Nae? Cred ca asa il chema, avea un baiat pe nume Dan. Dan avea ca vecina o fata care era nebuna. Se spunea ca fata asta nebuna ii arunca biletele de dragoste peste gard.

8. Ion nebunul. Era chiar nebunul satului. Ii placea sa tortureze si sa omoare animale, sa loveasca oamenii si stiu ca lumea zicea sa nu-i zimbesti ca apoi nu mai scapi de el. Mi-era frica de el cand eram mica ca nu stiam ce poate face.

9. Marius, un vecin de langa noi pe care tot incercam sa-l vedem dar nu reuseam. Si atunci cand l-am vazut era ca intr-o reclama din aia de Coca Cola: era la bustul gol si facea treaba in curte. Numai muzica 'what a man, what a man, what a man...' de la Salt-n-Pepa mai lipsea. Era dragut dar cred ca foarte timid asa ca nu s-a ajuns nicaieri cu el.

10. Dan Gaina. Nu era numele de familie Gaina dar eu stiu de ce avea numele asta? Venea o data de la camp si era murdar. Cand ne-a vazut ca stateam la poarta s-a oprit din drum si a urcat intr-o caruta care mergea inapoi spre casa unde statea el. A venit cu cateva ore mai tarziu imbracat la patru ace si ne-a zis un 'Buna' fermecator. Din pacate verisoara mea care se tot abtinea sa nu rada, a bufnit-o rasul chiar in acel moment si atunci nu am putut sa ma abtin nici eu...

11. Marian. Era verisorul verisoarei mele...complicat dar era un baiat de treaba. Tin minte ca mai venea pe la noi si o data m-a intrebat cati ani am. Am zis ca am '16 ani' (cred) si el a zis 'pai esti fata mare' si bineinteles ca mamaia a trebuit sa adauge 'pi da' ia crescut deja flo...' la care el a zis 'mamaie ma faci sa ma inrosesc' dar eu m-as fi impuscat in acel moment. Cat de jenant! I-am dat o data o lalea de lemn, am mai vorbit ce am vorbit, i-am dat adresa mea din Olanda dar apoi n-am mai auzit nimic.

Si cam astea au fost personajele care au creat unele din cele mai frumoase amintiri traite in vacantele mele scurte din Barastii de Vede. Ce s-a intamplat cu majoritatea, nu as putea spune. Stiu doar ca caracterul si imaginea lor vor ramane imprimate in mintea mea cat voi trai si dincolo de viata mea.

23 May 2014

New articles on Alchemy England

Check out my newest articles on


Get the strigoi off my back! and Graveyard Soldier

about a little place called Fierbinti :) Stories that my grandma used to tell me about :)

Thank you Alchemy England for this wonderful opportunity!

25 March 2014

Amintiri din copilarie: Barasti de Vede

Amintiri, Doamne cate amintiri am lasat in urma si cam cu asta ne alegem cam toti nu? Cand eram mica, cam 10-13 ani vroiam sa tin toate amintirile, sa le prind intr-un sac si sa nu le dau drumul. Din cauza asta scriam mult despre tot ce se petrecea in jurul meu. Eram atat de mult cu nasul in caiet incat pierdeam lumea din jurul meu si ma inecam in cuvinte si ganduri. Nu pot spune ca eram un copil foarte social, tin minte ca prin clasele VI-VIII in loc sa merg afara sa ma joc cu copii eu stateam in clasa si scriam despre ce vad, scriam despre copii care se jucau de parca eu nu eram unul din ei. Cred ca imi era si greu sa intalnesc pe cineva care sa ma inteleaga, care sa gandeasca ca mine si sa vada lucrurile asa cum le vedeam si eu. Sau poate eram nebuna inca de pe atunci!

Din toate amintirile pe care le am si le-am pastrat unele sunt mai puternice ca altele dar pot spune ca unele din cele mai frumoase amintiri pe care le voi pretui pana la moarte (si dincolo de ea) sunt amintirile pe care le-am pastrat din Barastii de Vede, judetul Olt. Nu era casa mea si nici familia mea acolo, nu am fost mai mult de cateva ori dar nu stiu cum, de cate ori am mers m-am simtit acasa, in largul meu. Natura parca imi vorbea si lumea de acolo de parca fusese aleasa dintr-o poveste a lui Ion Creanga.

Mergeam la Barasti pentru ca verisoara mea avea o bunica acolo. O femeie cu inima de aur si suflet de inger si asta o spun cu modestie. Amintirile nebunesti au fost create alaturi de aceste doua persoane.

Barasti de Vede. De cate ori pronunt aceste cuvinte ma gandesc la lumea de acolo. Fiecare zi, cu toate ca viata la tara e ca si cum ai aceeasi zi in fiecare zi, la noi in fiecare zi se petrecea ceva. Nu era nicicand vorba de actiuni sau intrigi ci era vorba de faptul ca vecina cutare s-a certat cu vecinu si i-a spus asta si asta. Ca o vecina e indragostita de vecinul 'de pe gard', ca nebunul satului a fost prins ca facea nu stiu ce, ca au scapat caii nu stiu cui si fugeau pe strada, ca cutarita si-a dus iapa in porumbi lui cutarita etc. Dar chestia era ca imi placeau toate intamplarile astea la nebunie. Eu ca fiind straina ma simteam ca fac parte din comunicatea lor si nu e de mirare ca in cateva saptamani stiam numele tuturor, unde locuiau, cu ce se preocupau. Cand mai veneau vecinii pe la noi si stateau ore intregi si povesteau de viata lor, de 'tapeniile' lor, eu ascultam cu urechile ciulite la fiecare cuvant, fiecare amar sau bucurie. Ba intr-o zi a venit chiar si o ghicitoare la noi si ne-a citit in cafea. Pentru prima oara a trebuit sa beau cafea si mie chiar nu-mi placea cafeaua! Dar a fost o dupa amiaza superba.

Imi aduc aminte ca impreuna cu verisoara mea ne pregateam cu doua ore inainte, ne imbracam, machiam doar ca sa mergem la magazinul satului care era cam 5 minute departare. Pai deh cum sa iesim afara si sa ne vada lumea asa nemachiate? Si bineinteles ca mergeam 'cu vaca' adica luam vaca si o duceam la pascut. Asta dimineata si dupa amiaza cand nu era caldura mare. Si ce faceam? Sedeam pe deal si jucam carti, povesteam, radeam si timpul trecea greu in zilele de atunci dar era dulce si bland.

Si bineinteles ca acolo a fost si prima data cand m-am indragostit. Si deci indragostita si fericita eram de cate ori mergeam acolo. Ah as scrie o carte despre toata lumea si intamplarile din Barasti dar nu se stie cine citeste, cineva poate de acolo si poate se simte jignit asa ca nu pot spune prea multe. Doar ca era frumos acolo, totul era verde si linistit. Acolo noaptea cerul era inecat in stele, un cer cum n-am mai vazut nicaieri, atatea stele incat te intrebai daca visezi. Natura era frumoasa, pomi fructiferi peste tot, duzi, pruni, ciresi...Mergeam si la munca, la sapa ce sa mai, sau la adunat fasole, facut suc de rosii, curatat porumbi iar apoi ma simteam mandra de isprava mea (cu toate ca nu faceam un sfert din munca adevarata).

Daca nu scriu cartea macar sa listez cele mai frumoase locuri:

- Scoala de vis-a-vis unde cresteau duzii
- Cimitirul care era chiar vis-a-vis unde ascultasem povestile celor decedati si soarta lor
- Livada din spatele casei unde o data am stat la cinci dimineata sa ma uit la cer si la rasarit
- Dealul unde stateam cu vaca
- Magazinul unde mergeam cam o data la doua zile
- La Vata
- Drumul care ducea la porumbi (era mai departe dar era frumos)

Si asa cu amintirile, ne raman tiparite in minte si uneori apar parca doar sa ne chinuiasca si sa ne faca sa ne fie dor de trecut. Dar uneori ma gandesc la ele si cu toate ca dor ma fac sa zambesc si sa realizez ca au fost o data parte din viata mea.

11 March 2014

Board me baby one more time

This is the second time I had the honour to attend the Board game convention in Gouda, thanks to Spelgroep Gouda the wanderers of light. And it was once again in the lovely building Concordia in Gouda.

It was a warm, sunny day and when I came at the location I was greeted with just as much warmth accompanied by lovely and sunny faces of the members of Spelgroep Gouda. They even arranged a special table for me where I could present my books.

I also had the honour of meeting another fellow writer, Marieke Frankema who shared with me two of her creations written in Dutch. Not only is she kind and friendly but she also has a great personality and positive energy, something that I believe her books also reflect. We talked about our books and about being a writer and it was great to meet someone who also shares my kind of spirituality and creativity.

But the day would not have been perfect if I hadn't joined in some board game fun. I played a game called Countdown Special Ops. One of the designers, Hans van Tol himself, was there to explain the rules and talks us through the game. It was a great, fun game based on strategy and teamwork and I recommend it to all those who like special missions and campaigns. The Game Master is responsible for this game so feel free to check out their site any time.

In conclusion, it was great to be surrounded by people who enjoy each other's company and who do not only like fantasy but also like to share it with each other. The atmosphere is invigorating and the people are simply pure. Thank you Wanderers of Light once more for this great opportunity!


17 February 2014

Meet My Book

Standing before a crowd, holding a microphone in your hand and facing all those eyes that look back at you. Telling them your story, your creation, why you are standing before them while everyone listens and smiles. What better book presentation can you hope for? Yesterday I had my very first book presentation and aside the nausea and total terror facing a crowd, I actually loved it!

All of this could not have been possible without the American Book Centre (ABC). Who is The ABC you ask? Well, in 1972, two Americans, Sam and Mitch, opened up a bargain bookstore next to Madame Tussaud’s in Amsterdam. Then in 1974 another store opened in The Hague. These two stores have remained ever since and they have become a sanctuary to all English book lovers. I don't think I have ever looked for a book they did not have. Aside the warm and beautiful buildings the people that work there are almost BFF level friendly and honest.

I was heartily welcomed by THE one and only ABC’s owner and director Lynn Buller. Lynn joined The ABC in 1972 while on vacation in the Netherlands from her home in Minnesota. In 1983 she bought the company along with her husband. Lynn believes that The ABC’s greatest strength is its people and man, is she right about that! It's refreshing and great to meet someone who is so devoted to her work and her people at the same time.

Before I gave my presentation I also had the honour to be introduced by the talented and enthusiastic David Beckett. David is a professional publisher and public speaker with over 20 years of experience in both Corporate and Entrepreneurial business. His passion is to create great presentations, and to coach others in developing their communication skills.

It was great to be surrounded by a group of such talented people, enthusiastic supporters and fellow writers. Everyone was genuinely interested and happy to be there and that made this first book presentation a moment to never forget.

If you are not living in the Netherlands and you by any chance pass by Amsterdam or the Hague please pay a visit to these wonderful bookstores. Also check out the upcoming events on: http://www.abc.nl/ and more information about this treasure holding company. And you really should check out David Beckett's site and the things he could do for you on http://best3minutes.com/. And who knows, perhaps I will see you at the next Meet My Book event presenting your very own creation.


07 February 2014

Being you is being free

Look at the world, not when it's moving but when it stands still
Admire the flowers, admire them more in winter time
Look at the sky and pick a date with the sun
Avoid the raindrops but not the rain
Watch movies but don't let them consume you
Close your eyes when you taste something good
Don't fill the silence with pointless words
Entangle your fingers and watch them hold
Smile in the mirror not knowing why
Look in someone's eyes and see their subtle colour
Fall in love with things that can't love back
Dream of things that make you sing out loud

24 January 2014


Here I am sitting at my laptop with hot cocoa on my left and some kind of cereal porridge on my right thinking hmmm....how can I change that cocoa in a Pina Colada and those cereals in a Margarita?

No, today I am not talking about my alcohol problem, not that I have one...Today I want to talk about those holy days...holiday!

It's freaking January and all I can think of is sun, beach and dancing my ass off. And I realize I still have months to go. Unless I have a lot of money to go to a warm country right now, and my job allows it (though if I had a lot of money I wouldn't need a job, would I?)

Remember those days when people just went to other countries to learn? I mean before our Era of the Damned began and before we got stuck to a 60 hour job a week. People used to have a lot of free time. And people travelled, not because they were going on a holiday but because the world was out there for them to explore and they wanted to learn a thing or two. These days you have to wait a whole year for a couple of lousy weeks of holiday in which you can sleep all you want, rediscover your jolly personality and actually live a little bit. That is for the people who actually afford to go on a holiday. The others are completely doomed.

Can you believe the fact that we actually call them holidays when all we do is actually stop working for a moment and try to breathe? Something we should be able to do every day. I mean don't you ever come back from a holiday and think, man it was so great but now it feels like an illusion? Isn't it strange that you have to readjust to your ordinary life again? When was our right to rest in life taken? We need to apply to get some free time, beg for it, plan it, pay for it and of course in some cases the holiday can suck as well. It's a damned shame that we need to buy our free time and perhaps even a little bit of happiness. You can't buy happiness, I hear the rich people say....well I think poor people have another opinion on that. Not that I am poor, I mean I have a roof above my head and a meal on the table, something that some people don't. But you get my point. Right? Do you...really get my point? Cause now I kinda lost the point of this blog. Man, I have no idea, maybe I just miss the sun too much.

I miss those evenings sitting on the beach and looking at the sunset,

those days when a shirt and short pants will do just fine,

that feeling that you are free and that for the next days you don't have to worry about a thing in the world,

tasting food and having the feeling you haven't eaten that good in months,

feeling the sun burning on your skin and letting it go away with it,

loving and being in love with everything and everyone around you because at that moment life is good and you are happy.

Anyone missing that too? Shouldn't our lives feel like that every single day?


03 January 2014

My To Do List 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2014 finds you well. I've spend New Year in Holland and I must say...I realized next year I should be...some place else, a place where they have snow and mountains, a place where people dance freely and drink cocktails all night long, a sweet place called...Romania :) But the year has just begun so there is a long way until then.

The tradition remains also for this year to have a To Do List. And this year I decided to add some Romanian culture to it all...

Well, well, he looked pretty lonely raising three kids on his own, his wife dead and all, if that's no chick magnet than what is? Guys please don't try that at home. Luke Evans decided to make
an amazing appearance in The Hobbit as Bard the Bowman, and what an appearance it was. Besides, he is planning on becoming Vlad Tepes and
The Crow...step carefully Luke,
step with extreme care...

The Romanian butterflies embrace Valentine's Day just like we'd embrace our lovely Elena Gheorghe. Not only does she have great songs, she also has talent and a love burning body.

It's the month when we celebrate Martisorul on the 1st of March and woman's day on the 8th of March...so it's the month for Romanian traditions and presents. It's time for our one and only Sebastian Stan also known as the Mad Hatter. In Once Upon a Time he's tormented, crazy but also sweet and just adorable. Sebastian you bring spring to my heart!

With Easter coming, all we need is our own Easter Bunny. And who could be a sweeter bunny than our own faithful Shakira? We haven't heard much from her lately but I am sure she will sing to us soon with her lovely voice and body.

Almost summer and we want to let the flowery scent and bird chirping enter our homes. He is not the hottest and does not have that sixpack we always search for but he is a good guy. He is caring, a true friend and his home makes us feel safe. Give it up for Monroe from the Grimm series, Silas Weir Mitchell. With such a rare and special personality he had to be part of this special list. And yeah I'd do him!

The month in which I was born and that means I must have what I always want for my birthday! The Aussie Chris Hemsworth, because he is Chris Hemsworth! He's made it through Thor 2 and Rush looking fine and divine! And do not forget that his wife is like 25% Romanian so with Chris I feel like I am a little bit at home.

The hot months are coming up and with hot months we need hot stuff. Just like Antonia, she has her songs and her moves but what is really special about her is that she is just so damned hot! I guess it's all part of having Romanian blood flow through those pretty veins of hers.

Those beautiful evenings on the beach looking at the sunsets and dreaming away. Who to share those evenings with than with our lovely, sweet Dean Winchester? He'll bring a few beers for sure and I wouldn't mind a little smoke as well. Jensen Ackles, you make those nights priceless.


He's got a hot body and he can kick any man's ass anytime, anywhere. He was Bane and Batman pissed in his pants because of him. He was one of the brothers fighting almost till death in the ring. But not many people know that he was also Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights. And he was gorgeous and perfect!

Anyone who thinks this guy has got more muscles than brains is wrong because Tom Hardy has it all and he is so cute with animals. With all the rain and wind this season I just want to cuddle next to Tommie...

Halloween coming up so what's better than fang marks all over your body? Even though he has become rather cocky and arrogant taking his role as Damon Salvatore a bit too serious, I still can't escape his puppy eyes. Damn you, damn you Ian Somerhalder!

If anyone tries to stop the Ripper Street serie, I will personaly shoot them dead. So I am hoping for their sake that they will continue the show because it's one of the best shows ever made! Just try it and you will see its beauty and magic.

Among the other talents in this show I have grown rather fond of Captain Homer Jackson breathtakingly played by Adam Rothenberg. He is smart, reckless, nuts but so damn sympathetic so I can't help myself but to fall in love with him! The November dark nights will find me in the Whitechapel Streets with this pretty gentleman at my side. Please don't kill me Long Susan!


Kili, Kili, Kili what am I to do with you? The Irish Aidan Turner turned heads in the Being Human series and now even as a dwarf he is still turning heads, though they must aim a little lower. He's got that look in his eyes that makes you forget about his length and makes you want to kiss him under the misletoe.  I want Kili under my Christmas tree and with his length I am sure he will even fit!