21 June 2013

Ben lokum yemeyi severim - my trip to Antalya

The title meaning 'I love eating Turkish delight', at least that's what I got from Google translate, if it ain't correct then blame it on them. Anyhooters, this is my way of starting my story about my latest journey to Turkey. As you all now my first journey took place last year in June, Teşekkür ederim.

So this year it was going to be the beautiful Antalya. We flew away with Corendon, a different company than last year, if you've read the other article you will know why. Can't say it has been a great improvement...can't say anything really. Anyway let's just start with the flight to Antalya. It was interesting...except for the woman dying next to me. She was coughing like hell and she even used the...oh God I never thought I’d say this...the vomit bag...And because I was sitting next to her I had to see her hand over the....vomit bag...to the steward. Let's just forget this whole event.

We got to Antalya airport, the sun was shining, temperature sweet, I even forgot about Holland's crappy North Pole weather. We got to our hotel and...that was kinda it. I mean really, just the hotel, nothing surrounding it, no boulevard of broken dreams, no smiling people, just the hotel. We discovered later on that we weren't actually in the Lara beach surrounding but in a sweet little place called Konyaalti (I can hear the Turkish people now chocking in their laughter...). And Konyaalti was only surrounded by buildings and just people living there. So no vacation mood at all. Not to mention the people in the hotel, everyone was on PMS. I mean, for crying out loud you are on vacation so for fuck sake smile a little. Nope, none of that, it was all a serious matter and I believe laughing or even smiling was forbidden. But you know my mom and I, we just laughed like idiots with everything that happened and we just remembered how much fun it had been in Bodrum...oh God that sweet little place called Gumbet, a true heaven!!!

Never mind all this shit, we decided to go to Antalya to see the city. We took the bus, half an hour and I gotta say Antalya, the old city is pretty cute. Not cute to see for 10 days but cute and it had this vibe of 'hey I know you thought it would be different but I am here for you.' The city itself is...a city…can't say it's very special. And on our way back...where the fuck is the bus to get back? It seemed we had to walk the whole city to actually find a bus stop back…So we walked and asked, and walked and eventually....after one fucking hour and a half we decided to just take a cab...

But we had a nice time too, we enjoyed the beach, the sun. By the way the beach is all rocks so if you expect sand just go to...Bodrum...heaven on earth! The sea was fine, all clear and shit but there was wind all the time having in mind that there were mountains around. The climate was a little bit harsh, sometimes cloudy and windy to actually blow that bikini top off (no, it didn't actually happen).

We did try to get to Lara beach once. We took the bus, sat in it for an hour and when we realized there was no shit to see (cause the bus didn't actually take us to the fancy Lara beach hotels we were looking for) we just took the bus back so in total we were like 2 hours in the bus...very exciting.

The nightlife was fine, if you love Russian bimbo's running around in high heels and strings...well yeah I get it, it was fun! But it was different, I mean paying 20 euro's for a mojito and 10 euros for a fucking beer, come on people, what's up with that? If I want some special bimbo club I'll just go to Bucharest for that.

Enfin, I got sick at one point, like really sick, on my birthday as well, my mom got sick too so a couple of days we were completely out of order. We did go to Antalya once more and did a little bit of shopping, I love those Turkish candle holders and I would kill for some more, not to mention Turkish Delight but I think you guys already got that part.

I can't finish this story without telling you about my flight back. We were supposed to fly at 13.00 but Corendon decided it would be better for us to just fly at 23.00. Why you ask? Cause it's a fucked up company that's why. I have to say the Dutch people that were on the flight (to Antalya and back) were very...let's just say it seemed that Holland had sent its most low life, dumb ass, illiterate people to take those flights, with the exception of a few lost souls but trust me, I didn't see one Turkish person on those flights, now I know why.

On our way back I had the pleasure of sitting next to a man whose hobby was making boogers. Not to mention that he was very...broad and had never had the pleasure of meeting a deodorant. Behind me, I don't know who sat but I did smell their feet very well as a sign that they took off their shoes...So the whole plane smelled like feet and sweat, accompanied by air conditioning that either went too hot or too cold, no wonder I was dead the moment we hit the Dutch ground.

So in conclusion, forgetting about the flights...I have to...Antalya is different, the culture is more influenced by the Arabic nations and people are just like in a city, grumpy and stressed out. Bodrum was different, people wanted to see you smile because that made their day and it made my day as well. The culture was different there, it was more simple, purer. I will never forget the feeling that Gumbet gave me when I stepped on the balcony every night and just watched the white houses, the peace and serenity of a simple Mediterranean life, it was priceless. So I guess this trip was to show me how to love some places even more.

And so you do get it, next year, the trip will be once again in the beautiful parts of Bodrum and flying with Corendon…hmm we’ll see about that.