30 October 2012


We still celebrate it though the Romans tried to take it from us, changing it in the treacherous All Hallows' Eve. We are still here, though you pass us by thinking we belong to the background of your simple, pitiful life. We have waited all year long, planned it carefully so when it comes we will be ready.

You think you belong to it? Carving out pumpkins, painting your face and watching scary movies? Ah, but you are a mere fool, for Halloween has more to it than monsters and witches. It's so much more though you cannot comprehend. We, on the other side, understand it, feel it and await the witching hour as the minutes pass.

You stay in your little home, on your little couch and pretend it's all a game. But it is safe for you to stay in than out. Pray to your Gods you do not meet us in the night, if you hear those footsteps following you, don't look behind, sleep on time and forget the night is even special because then, perhaps that way you may be able to save your soul.

We will stalk the night, we'll wake up the dead, we will unleash the creatures that hide every year awaiting their moment of salvation. We will cry to the moon and it will hear us. For those who understand it, it's the most beautiful thing you can ever imagine. We will walk right across your home, your street and you won't even notice for it is Halloween the night for those who truly see and an innocent, candy eating night for the blind.

Go home on time, sleep in your little bed for the night belongs to us and we will enjoy it to the spine shivering fullest...

05 October 2012

Gusttavo Lima, nós te amamos!

Yesterday I took my mom to see Gusttavo Lima in Amsterdam, The Sand. Who the fuck is Gusttavo Lima, you ask? Well his name is actually Nivaldo Batista Lima, a Brazilian 23 year old singer of Brazilian country music. His best known single is Balada Boa (Tchê Tcherere Tchê Tchê). I saw some live shows on youtube and I found him outstanding, especially the mix of confidence and modesty as he sat on a chair, sang and played his guitar as if among friends.

So, yesterday we went to see our golden boy and the show started at 19.00. That’s what it said on the tickets and all over internet, the show starts at 19.00. So we were there at 18.45. Of course we knew there would be some opening act or something because no show actually starts at exactly 19.00 but we wanted to be there on time. I didn’t realize that by saying ‘starts’ it meant ‘the doors open at’. And there we were standing in line, in the beautiful Dutch rain and coldness. At about 19.15 we started moving and after a good old frisking (they almost threw away my vitamin C ‘cause it might have been drugs…), we were inside. Well we had to pay for everything, lockers, bathroom, drinks though the last one is just normal (although it would be nice to get a free drink once in a while). We sat down, close to the stage and the music eventually made us shake our shoulders a little bit. They were playing Michel Teló, yet another Brazilian celebrity. It was 20.00 and I watched the stage, it looked very peaceful. The crowd was mostly Brazilian, mixed with some lost Dutch people and other cultures. I like the Brazilian music and the people are so warm and friendly, though some men need to shake their asses a little less when they dance...Then it was 20.30 some were rehearsing for the big show but then at 20.45 they left. At that moment a host came on stage making the crowd go wild for our Gusttavo Lima. Of course he spoke Brazilian and we didn’t understand a word but the enthusiasm we understood, until his mouth would not shut up and then it got boring. At 21.00 he left and there was music again which was even repeating itself by now. The band was still lurking around and trying out their instruments. Then the guy came again, then he left and then eventually at 21.20 when I reached my boiling points he introduced our lovely Gusty.

The crowd was going wild but the sound was terrible (not to mention that a Brazilian enthousiastic fan was constantly waving a Brazilian flag blocking my view). And sometimes it was just a lot of  messy noise. But our Gusty managed. He looked different then the way I saw him in his youtube concerts. He changed his hair in a half shaven half ‘wildy’ peacock style, he had worked out showing off his muscles and he got himself some new tattoos. He wasn’t that modest anymore and perhaps that made him less charming in my eyes. But I guess seeing all those starving, screaming girls all around you, wanting to rip the clothes off your body, that does something to a young man. Even so, he still has a great, absolutely incredible voice, his energy is contagious and luckily he still got that cute little ass of his that he slowly shook from time to time followed by enthusiastic female and certainly also male cries.

And so in conclusion, Gusttavo Lima, you were great, though I am not completely happy with your Hollywood change. But please, I beg you, next time, don’t keep us waiting that long.

02 October 2012

The Kamasutra Fair

In my YOLO story I have told you about my activities in the next months and this was one of them. I, of course, could not go on without sharing this tremendous experience with you.

As a ‘fun, us girls’ activity last Saturday a friend of mine and I went to the Kamasutra, the Erotic Lifestyle Fair. What did I expect? Well, something related to the arts of making love, sensuality and well…some hot people. What did I find? Not the things I just mentioned.

Ok, ok so what we went in the afternoon? The fair lasted until midnight but surely it had to be fun the whole day long? Wrong, we came in and soon came to the miserable conclusion that we were a minority in the love making fair. I didn’t know that these kind of fairs are also very attractive to the seniors among us. And with senior I just mean corpses. Sorry grandma, I don’t mean it like that but God, I never expected to see people your age at such a happening. There were a lot of old people and they were all…excited about the fair. We ignored it to a certain extend and took a look at the activities in the fair. There were special places where you could run around with your partner in a labyrinth and…you wouldn’t be alone, a lady show and other dark and sweaty places but we had to pay to go inside and we couldn’t peek so we thought fuck it. And so, we decided to take a look at the shops. We saw so many…instruments of love making that some were just to be laughed at but some were very interesting, though I don’t think they are made for just anyone. Let’s just say I saw a certain male object almost as big and thick as a baby and one can only wonder what (or actually how) a lady would actually do with just an object, by the way it was 50% off. Anyhooters…yes many of those too but not that beautiful. There was a SM corner, ladies and gentlemen, where love making took the next level in horrible, excruciating pain. Naked men with masks were put under different tests and endured each one of them becoming more and more…proud of their achievements, anyone getting this? No? Good. Of course no filming or pictures were allowed which I completely understand. The pain the men were experiencing was hilarious, but we were the only ones giggling. I think the rest was taking notes. But how can we not laugh when just next to us a man, with his wife at his side, was enjoying a male shaped lollipop, sucking and licking it with such passion that we couldn’t stop looking at him. Maybe it was just good candy :)

There was a stage also where different shows took place. One was with a charming pumped up gigolo and a nerdy girl screaming her lungs out just by looking at the guy. Our gigolo was of course too busy with himself to notice that the lady in question was sliding down her chair…But I must say during the show I have seen a different side of Alice in Wonderland and the Crow. Yes, Alice was very much in love with the Mad Hatter and they really wanted to show it to us. Let’s just say her mouth was very good at play backing. And the Crow, oh Lord from all the movies in the world they decided to make a Kamasutra version of this movie. For those who don’t know me I was a devoted fan to Brandon Lee, the deceased actor who played in the Crow. What I saw Saturday was no way to pay tribute to the movie. The Crow, a masked mister and his lovely…dead wife had an act which was kinda of SMish but not as painful as the SM we had experienced in the SM corner. Never seen the Crow with wax pouring on his…in his underpants…It’s a one in a life time experience.

Perhaps you’ve already tasted my opinion but the Kamasutra fair was basically not what I had expected.  I thought Kama Sutra, the ancient Indian Hindu art of love making and sexual connection would be present at the fair teaching us new tricks and making us more aware of our physical and mental temptations but unfortunately this was not the case. What we faced was some slated porn stars and old perverts while the fair failed to create a sensual or at least a pleasant atmosphere for the ones who were expecting to see something more.

But at least now we know what the fair is all about. And it wasn’t all that bad, I found meself a nice Halloween witch costume (and it looks quite decent too). Didn’t expect to find it at a Kamasutra fair but hey, why not?

So for the ones out there who are thinking of going to the Kamasutra fair next year…gives us girls a call, we might come along (for a new Halloween costume of course) :)