12 June 2012

Thirty, flirty and speedy....

Well today I turned thirty. Yes 30!!!!! and even though the morning mirror spat in my face when I woke up, I still had a great day, thanks to my honey bunny cheeks a.k.a. my boo.

I had my first motorcycle lesson and it was very cool. I loved it even though I thought I'd shit in my pants every 5 seconds. I never thought that riding a motorcycle would be so complicated. The people that are now reading this and have a motorcycle license probably think right now: what'ya talkin' about sweetcheeks? But I found it difficult because you have to take many things into account and you use your hands for speed, break (front wheels) and clutch and you have to use your feet for break (back wheels) and gear.

Besides it all, I have to take into account that I am a very little fragile girl who is trying to control a 180 kg Honda CBF. So that all made it a little difficult and made me a little nervous which made my right hand touch the speed from time to time with the risk of becoming a Speedy Hondzales and craching into whatever lay in my way. But the instructor was very patient and very cool. He explained everything to me and didn't take any risky steps.

Then this happened. The moment he was saying how well I was riding and how calm I was, I hit the breaks, looked down (something you should never do, always look straight ahead) and I fell, with the motorcycle falling with me, no actual damage was done :) just my pride and my confidence. Then I got back on the motorcycle again and had a last heroic round.

Anyhooters, it was a very cool experience that I had to share with you. Now that I have entered my midlife crisis I am considering taking more lessons and getting myself a nice motorcycle so that I can go on a roadtrip and have the chick version of 'Wild Hogs'.

10 June 2012

Teşekkür ederim

Thank you Turkey, this is the best way to describe my holiday that seemed a dream passing by way too fast. It was only Friday night when I was staring out at the view from the balcony wishing the night could last forever.

We, my mom and I, went to Gumbet, Bodrum for one week. And that week was painfully too short.

I will tell you the things that went wrong first and then the nice things I've experienced. First of all Onur Air. No offence, it was the worst flight/s of my life. On our way there it seemed the plane had turbulences all the time yet the weather was wind free...There was no food on the plane unless you wanted to pay gold for it and when I was hungry enough to pay the gold, they had no more food, only noodles for 6 euro's. So noodles it was. I’m immediately going to tell you about the flight back. It was even worse. People had seat numbers on rows 33, 34 while the plane ended at row number 31...This time I knew I had to bring some food with me but I didn’t feel like eating. Not eating was a good choice because the landing made my stomach rise up to my throat. Horrible, just horrible. I was glad to have made it out of there.

Second: Neckermann reizen. People, people, never go with this company, ever. They were very chaotic. We were picked up with a bus at the airport when we landed in Bodrum. They said the bus would take us to our hotel. Then we were taken to a central location, they put our luggage out, no communication. After asking around it seemed we had to take other mini busses. Then the driver (I did feel very sorry for the poor guy) didn't know the road so he drove us around like an hour asking people on the street about the hotels and where they were. He didn't speak a word in English and the road was becoming more dangerous as he became more restless. Some kid in the bus got sick so he pucked this longs out, people were getting very annoyed. You get the picture. We were supposed to be in the hotel at around 16.00. Due to this and to Onur Air we were there at 19.30. We had no idea what time we would be picked up on our way back and at the hotel reception no one knew spoke sufficient English to understand what we meant. Eventually we found out but we had everywhere around for it.

No more bad parts, now the good parts. First of all our hotel, the Royal Asarlik was a very nice location. I can't say our room was four stars worth but it was fine. The restaurant was cozy, people were friendly and the food was good. Every night there were shows at the theatre side where a great team of Entertainers made us smile. During the day we sat at the beach or at the pool. I have to say the pool area was more alive as they had all kinds of activities during the day and the music was really cool. I couldn’t stop shacking my butt.

Gumbet was a small town but very clean and beautiful. There were enough places to go and enjoy a cocktail (and at our hotel the cocktails were for free...hmm I will miss you Malibu Sunset).

We went one day to Bodrum Centre and one afternoon to Bitez but that was it for the trip activities. We basically wanted to enjoy the perfect sun and perfect temperature all day along and we did. We laughed a lot and relaxed almost just as much.

We also experienced Turkish Bathing (given by two very sweet men) and Bali massages (given by two lovely girls form Bali and Jakarta). That massage was a dream, I have never been touched by a woman that way :)...you know what I mean you pervs.

I now know the dance moves form the song 'Ai se eu te pego' and I now understand and experienced it's true meaning ha ha. Oh and I realized that Turkish Delight is not only made from candy. That's it people I will say no more, what happens in Bodrum, stays in Bodrum.

In conclusion it was great, I liked the Turkish people and the way they live. I also liked the fact that some Turkish people are actually a mixture, a sweet cocktail of the countries that surround Turkey such as Bulgaria, Armenia, Iran etc. There are big differences between the 'Ibiza' life and the real traditional life and yet there is a balance between those two. It was strange to hear the Mosque calling out people to come and pray while we listened to Pitbull's international love and yet there is something beautiful about it. The streets are clean, people are very friendly and life is just so much different than here. It makes me wonder if that is the illusion it creates or is my own life so different that I stopped seeing, being the things that Turkey made me be. Anyone getting this? It might sound lame to some but the ones that get it, well, think about it as well.

I say, go to Gumbet, have fun, it's worth it. Go to Catamaran (disco club on a boat). I didn't and I will regret it for the rest of my life....well that sounds very exaggerated but let’s be real, the chances of going back there is kinda minimal.

Next year we would like to go to Turkey again but we would like to check out a few places and then pick one out. One thing is for sure: Turkey, you won a special place in my heart.

01 June 2012

Return of the Mack

Does anyone know that song? Return of the Mack? No, it has nothing to do with McDonalds...I think. So I guess I am back in business. Not that my eye is 100% better but at one point you think fuck it and you just quit all the medicine you got and then the moment comes when you actually feel better. The last drop was when I received new medicine for my eyes, yes for BOTH my eyes, because the medicine I had been using for two month gave me some kind of allergy...in both eyes. So I got some new medicine for allergies. I asked the doctor if he was sure whether I had allergies and not dry eyes. He didn't know. Then I got home and read the 'user manual' of my new medicine and guess what? Side effects: can cause dry eyes. So I thought fuck this shit. I did use the medicine like two weeks and then I just stopped using it all and decided to get me a glass eye. I ordered it on Amazon and it should be in any moment now. I ordered a set of different colors so they can match my outfit every day.

No, but seriously I am better now and so I will be more present on my lovely blog and I will continue publishing my lovely book which I changed like a thousands of times already because I just want it to be perfect. I am still stuggling with the bookcover. It has to be catchy, not too disgusting and not too...stupid. As soon I finish, I will let you guys know and you can all buy my book for only 50 euro's a piece. What? Too expensive? So was my glass eye set.

I guess something good came out of all of this. In the last few months I started paying more attention to my health. I started eating more healthy and became more aware of the things around us. Not that I've become some hippie weirdo but now I am more aware of what I eat. I mean I didn't actually know they use bug juice in the frapuccinos at Starbucks or that L-cysteine that we find in bread, pizza's etc is actually made of human hair and goose feathers. Shocked? Think of my face when I realized that shit is in the apple pie McDonalds makes, I stuffed myself with that crap for years. And there are many more shocking things but I won't bother you with it...today. I also check out the 'E' food additives when I buy something and I buy more biological products. Don't get me wrong I mean I think that even the biological products can be crap, after all, all these products are more expensive than the regular ones and the media is informing us every day how unhealthy we are. The market is doing a good job at informing us about how much shit is in the food they deliver and they give us a more expensive alternative. It's like saying 'hey I can give you a rotten rat or a rotten rat that ate banana's all its life. The last one is more expensive.' instead of saying 'sorry I have been feeding you rotten rats all these years, we will change our way of thinking and producing. From now on we will be putting your health above our money making fucked up mentality. Here, have a rotten egg.'

The best way of living healthy is going somewhere away from all of this, get rid of all the social media crap, kill my i-phone, move to the moutains, get a house, get some chicken, a cow, a cat, a dog and a horse, then plant your own vegetables and fruits and know exactly what shit you put in your mouth...most of the time. Become a blacksmith and make some swords so when strangers pass by I can chase them with my sharp weapons and scare the shit out of them. Have my own sweet water river and my own forest so that all the animals will salute me in the morning...except for the bear. I don't need him to say hello. I am thinking of getting such a place, I will call it...home? You may come and visit. I'll get you some home made whiskey and a hell of a meal. You may bring me a new glass eye so I can add it to my collection.

But for now I will settle for a week in Turkey, under the sun and above the hot sand. Hey, guess what, I am going there next week. See ya suckers!