31 December 2011

Tonight's the night

Few more hours 'till we hit that 2012...

and as every year we wish the next year will be better or at least problems-free, we wish for love, health, success and happiness. After all, wishing for it doesn't cost a thing.

This year I wish that all of your wishes will come true and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

And having in mind that I can't end this in a decent, normal way, I'll only add this:

According to the Maya predictions, in 2012, we are all GOING TO DIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

So drink 'till you drop, eat 'till you explode, dance 'till your feet bleed, and laugh your ass off  'cause hey, this will be our last year on Earth. And if not then at the end of 2012 we can all wish for the same things ;)

But really, have a great time tonight no matter what and a Happy Deadly New Year!

17 December 2011

Here's the season to be Jolly

Sorry I haven't written anything recently but I've been so busy...and now that I mention it I wonder what has been keeping me busy. In fact if I think about the last past weeks- BUSY weeks I actually haven't been doing shit. It's always interesting to realize how we make our lives very busy with nothing but air and 'important issues'. I have been studying for my English course so that's something and I had my exam on Friday so that kept me busy but besides that I have to say I have no idea what's been keeping me busy. I start wondering about it and I realize I have been wasting a lot of time on doing...squat. Well...I have been doing some important things as well, something they call: a little X-mas shopping.

I love X-mas shopping because we can actually buy presents months before but we always go last minute when all shops are filled with creatures and the waiting lines are longer than in Heaven (or Hell). I myself am one of those people who realizes in the last minute that she hasn't bought all her X-mas shoppings yet. So I go in the city all cheery listening to some X-mas music and 'shaking it up' like in the Coke commercial. Then I get there and hell breaks loooosssseeee.

Does anyone remember that MTV show with the boiling points? Well that's exactly what happens only in reality you don't get any money for being close to a nervous breakdown. It starts like this:

1. Entering shop with hopes and dreams
2. Realizing I wasn't actually sure what I was about to buy
3. Walking around the shop to find a suitable present
4. Too many people in the shop sharing the same goal
5. Finally getting a present
6. Standing in line
7. Waiting in line
8. Looking at my watch
9. They put a newbie at the cashregister and she's now stuck
10. Watching newbie ask for help
11. Watching newbie explain the situation
12. Watching...oh fuck it I am getting sick of this even as I type it down.

Anyhoe, you get the message. Then I still have to go through step 1-12 for a couple of more times. Finally getting them all with 99 boiling points. Waiting for the bus that comes very late and is also very full: 100 boiling points! I finally get home and think 'if I here one more fucking shake it up song I will shoot, hang and behead Santa and I will skin his reindeers alive and have freaking kentucky fried reindeer tonight!' 

But what am I complaining about, X-mas is a time for sharing, exchanging presents and being generous and kind to one another. I shouldn't be so bitter, what is wrong with me? X-mas is not about spending money on gifts, decorations, cards, food and booze. It's about...oh wait I meant that X-mas IS about spending money on gifts bla bla bla.

Don't mind my sarcasm I am still planning on having a great alcoholic X-mas and New Year and I hope I won't be sober 'till 2012. In fact I think I will start at this very moment.

Merry X-mas everyone and a Happy New Year!