14 July 2011

Snagov baby

Why haven't I been writing in the last week? Because I'm on vacation! Ha ha I just wanted to repeat that cause man it feels good to be home.

Bon Jovi rocked our world on Sunday evening and he played three hours. I loved it and man he still has a great voice and Richie still has his bad boy look. Thank you Bon Jovi for a great show!

What have I been doing this week? Well went to different places in the sun, chilled, drank, laughed and visited all kinds of new pubs but yesterday...yesterday was somethin' special. We decided we should do something than just hang around this week so we thought of a one day trip! Very good...where to? How about Snagov? That's where the legendary monastery of Snagov is situated and it is said that Vlad Tepes's head is buried there. Worth a shot. Because we don't have a car we could take the public transportation and we looked it up on the net and it was only 30 min drive from Bucharest. Cool! Let the fun begin.

Did I tell you that it's freakin hot over here? Like 40 degrees? So we decided to leave at like 10.00 so we can be there on time and avoid all the heat. And so we did. We got on our little bus to Snagov, which would take 30 min and in 30 min we were in the city called Snagov. But...where is the Monastery? We asked a guy on the bus and he said we could get out at the next stop and ask there. No problem let's do that...until we got out of the bus and landed in freakn' no man land! No people on the streets, here and there a poor creature crawling in the heat of the sun...a couple of cars...no taxis...a dog...no shops...we found a postoffice and they told us ' well you got out too quick, you need to get another bus and go to the next village and over there you can change buses to get to your destination.'  Hmmm ok, we thought, no problem we'll take the next bus..we went to the bus stop and waited like...10,20,30, 35 min! and it was soooooo hooooot. But we got on the bus and asked the busdriver to stop at the right busstop. And we did...only then did someone shout out ' the bus to the Monastery will leave at 13.15'  and our clocks showed 11.45. There was a shop so we did get some drinks and some dry pretzels.

But now it comes, we thought ' hey, we're no idiots let's hitchhike our way to the monastery. And after few miserable attempts we got in a car with a man who had too many crosses hanged over his car front mirror. But who cared, it was like 12.30 and we were already on our way to the Monastery. Then he stopped at a...next village and said ' this is where  i need to be'  I asked him which way to the Monastery.  He said '  straight ahead and the first road to the left'. It sounds easy...close...reachable? I don't fucking think sooo! We walked in the heat for like half an hour and no freakin road to the Monastery. We walked, walked, walked and walked some more, passed a long road with treers, passed a forest, passed some cops and then we ended in a very strange village where a woman said ' the monastery? oh you've got a long way to go.'  And then we found an old man sitting on a bench waiting for losers like us to show up and he said 'i don't even want to say it...but...you walked too far. you need to go back, out of this village, pass the forest and then the first road to the right.'  A woman asked us where too, we said the monastery, she said ' I'll go with you.'  We were very happy until she added 'on foot' . Fuck you lady!

We went back....back....back...passed the village, past the forest, came across the cops. They even said 'hey,weren't you walking by like an hour ago?'  We asked for instructions ' one said, of course, you go left to the gasstation...wait' he looked behind us ' where is your car?'  ' we don't have a car!' ' Oh'  Anyhoe the cops were very sweet, they even wanted to bring us as soon as they were finished doing whatever they were doing (that would have been cool, us in a policecar). Anyway we got new instructions, a lot of ' good luck'  and then off we were again...A friend of mine called her boyfriend to direct us using his google maps...can you believe it? But...that actually worked and after half an hour more we got to a shop where we found waaateerrr! and then we walked 20 min more to get to the Monastery. And we needed to do it fast. It was 14.35. The next bus back to Bucharest left at 15.30 and the next at 19.00 so we needed to get the one at 15.30. So we got to the Monastery, saw the whole thing in like 5 min because we had no time, got back to the busstation all sweaty, dusty and fucked up and we thanked the gods when we were in the bus back to Bucharest. The beautiful part was that this bus went straight to Bucharest and so we could have taken this one in the morning straight to this place and we would have been done in like half a day.

So this was our day trip to Snagov, we came home with sunburns, painful feet and very very exhausted. So my advice to you: get a car, if not, don't hitchhike, if not, just don't go, stay in the city, go to the movies and see Hangover 2 with a lot of popcorn and coke, trust me, it's much much beter.

ps: sorry for the spellingmistakes, I'm not going to reread the story cause...I'm on holiday and I don't feel like it...

10 July 2011


The reason I haven't been writing anything lately is because I was sick for like a week or so. Horrible sickness, I hate it more than anything in the world I was all fluy and stuff and I was really freaked out about it because I was also going on vacation on Friday. But I made it! So now I am home, in Bucharest where secrets are hidden in every corner of the street and beauty can be found by looking closer. It's 35 degrees so what else is there to do than enjoy it all and clear the mind.

Tonight Bon Jovi is having a concert so I can't miss that. I will be there jumping, shouting, singing along and then tomorrow I'll feel like shit cause I am actually still sick but I don't give a damn anymore.

The next weeks I want to go to the mountains, to the beach, enjoy myself and forget about everything, cause after all, what's a holiday without forgeting about all your worries and problems? I want to enjoy my family and friends, listen to everything that has happened in the last six months and of course, drink and eat the shit out of me!

I will keep you informed about any crazy shit that might happen the next weeks cause I want you to enjoy it with me.