25 May 2018

The wooden box

Call it a vision, call it an inspiration but this is how it all began...

It was an ordinary day at work. At around noon I received a call from the reception that someone was there to see me. I found it strange as I wasn’t expecting anyone.

I went to the reception to find a man waiting for me. He looked around 60 years old; he had olive skin, dark hair and green eyes. He was wearing strange, sandy colored clothes that slightly made me think of a Bedouin.

‘You are an Arab,’ he said as he touched his own face. Perhaps he was a modern Bedouin after all?

‘You are here to see me?’

‘Yes,’ he smiled.

‘You know me?’

‘Can we sit down for a moment?’ he asked me with a funny accent.

We sat in the waiting area next to the reception.

‘Are you from Egypt?’ I asked.

‘Perhaps,’ he chuckled, ‘but I do not think we are related.’

‘But still I don’t know who you are and how you know me.’

‘It is not important. I am a friend, a messenger.’

‘A messenger?’

He held a small squared package in his hand.

‘You have a key,’ he said, ‘you open so many doors with that key yet the key is destined for only one door. Only one door! You can open that door but it is very difficult. Instead of doing your best to open that door you avoid it and open several other doors. This and that…’ I was gaping at him trying to understand what he was saying. ‘You are afraid to open that door. You do other things in order to not think about it!’

‘What exactly do you mean?’

‘Think about it!’

I was confused. What was the meaning of this and why did he talk to me as though he knew me? Was I day dreaming? Was he a ghost?

‘My writing?’ I asked.

He smiled. What was the meaning behind that smile?

‘My singing?’ Why was I even asking this man these questions? Did he know I was a writer and a singer? How could he? I did not know this man! Was I going insane?

‘The door! The one thing you’re looking for deep down in your heart.’

‘Love?’ I asked though I felt a bit frightened.

‘You have one key for your door. You can always open all the other doors but you should go and open that one special door.’

He gave me the package and stood up. Wait! This was it? Was he leaving?

‘What is your name?’

‘My name is of no importance. Open your gift and start your journey!’

Before I could say anything else, he greeted me and left.

I looked at the package. What was inside it? What could it possibly be? I listened to it. Nothing. I shook it. Something was moving inside. What if it was a bomb? Or what if it was a body part? Whose body part? Oh, I have such a horrible imagination!

I opened the package.

Not what I had expected: a wooden box. Something was inside it. I wanted to open the box but…how? There was no lid. I turned it on all sides. No lid, no opening, nothing. An animal was carved on one side. It was the shape of a howling wolf. Stars surrounded it. I wondered where the moon was. Why did I wonder that? Perhaps that’s what everyone expects when they see a howling wolf? A moon?

I sighed. Strange day. Strange man. Strange box!

I took the box with me and…well…that is how my journey began.

31 March 2018

Las Fallas: have a genuine taste of the Valencian tradition!

How much can they party? I thought to myself when I decided to visit Valencia during Las Fallas (15th of March until the 19th of March). How crazy can it get? The people there are always calm. Valencia is such a quiet city. How much noise can there be?

Well, apparently… a lot of noise!!!!

First of all I had to get used to the constant fire crackers. Children running around with wooden boxes or plastic bags carrying all kinds of fireworks are encouraged by their parents to make as much noise as possible. Then there is the music and the drinking and the food and I realized the Valencians take their celebrations quite serious.

Every morning there was a wake up call, with music and firecrackers of course. Every day at 14:00 we had the ‘La Mascletà’. A firework show mostly consisting of firecrackers and enormous bombing  that made my whole body shake. The big show was at the city hall, the Plaça de l'Ajuntament then little shows followed in each community. I experienced both of them and both are spectacular and a bit scary I must admit. But the Valencians are clearly used to it. The louder, the better!

I was highly impressed by the Fallas, the work of art created by each community. Every year each community in Valencia gets together, raises money and then pays an artist to create amazing art made of foam. The details of the art are astounding and the creativity is on a whole different level. The Fallas are accompanied by little children’s Fallas as well. The Fallas are spread all across the city so if you take a walk you will come across several of them. Aside these there are seven enormous Fallas in the city that are incredibly high and amazing. Imagine my surprise when I heard they burn them all at the end of the festivities, on the 19th of March. This is called ‘La Cremà’. This is the tradition as in old times people used to burn their old furniture and in a way start a new year fresh. The burning of the Fallas is a symbol of that. And the fire is…huge! There were people running on the streets because of the enormous smoke that had built up from just one of the Fallas and they were not even one of the biggest ones.

I loved the costumes and parades. Everyone looked so beautiful. They did this every day! Dressed up every day and joined the parade.

‘L'Ofrena de flors’ is wonderful as each community carries flowers during a parade and brings them in the center where a giant statue of the Virgin Mary stands. The statue is then decorated flower by flower.

There was also a wonderful light show with music in Ruzafa that is definitely worth watching. I recommend you watch some video’s on youtube as I was unable to capture their beauty o camera. All the streets are lit up and you basically walk among colorful, rainbow colors. Whatever you do, do not miss this!

Aside the firecrackers shows in the afternoon there are also fireworks shows late in the night. Now these are impressive! Never have I seen anything like it and I felt like I was celebrating New Year all over again.  The funny thing is that with New Year, Valencia doesn’t go this far with fireworks, but with Las Fallas! Be surprised and be amazed!

Let aside the traditions, I have seen some unusual things take place as well. I have never witnessed a…leek fight before. Teens hitting each other with leek was quite an interesting event to watch. No, this was not part of Las Fallas, it was just part of being totally drunk. Saint Patrick’s day combined with Las Fallas creates quite some interesting moments as well. Oh and if you see people crashed on the street, don’t wake them, just let them sleep it off.

But aside it all, the millions of tourists, the crazy partying, the drunk people, Valencians are still very polite and relaxed. Even the dogs (usually scared of fireworks), seemed more relaxed than I was. In crowded places people still respect each other and there was not one moment in which I felt unsafe. Also Valencian people love to chat! You don’t speak Spanish? They really don’t care, they just talk to you slowly and even join you while you are sitting at a terrace. They are amazing and I think it’s because when you look at them, you realize they are truly happy. People in Valencia are happy. Their lives are simple yet they have all they need.

Las Fallas is a special event that I definitely recommend to anyone who is interested in traditions and partying. It’s amazing to see and it’s something you shouldn’t miss for the world. Just be careful to book on time because all hotels are already booked a year in advance. I was lucky to stay with my amazing friends. I basically forced them to stay during the Las Fallas so I can come over. I understood that usually the Valencians just leave the city in that week. I wonder why? Jajajaja!

24 February 2018

Cold weather, cold heart

It’s the 24th of February, the ‘Dragobetele’ is here. It’s the traditional Valentine’s day in Romania but the weather isn’t making things easy. It’s cold, it snowed and we’re expecting temperatures up to -18 degrees during the night. No wonder everyone is so gloomy lately. It’s cold when it should be warm and the other way around. 

I don’t know if it’s because of the weather but I have noticed a change in people lately. I’ve noticed how everyone, step by step is closing in. I noticed how people have become selfish, distant and secretive. It’s understandable. We all have a past to deal with. We all, sooner or later learned we can’t trust the people around us. Someone broke our hearts at one point and we decided to keep it more hidden from the outside world. We all came to the conclusion we should love ourselves first in order to move on and that priority one should be us. I understand that. But…selfish? There is a difference between putting yourself first and expecting everyone else to put you first. People have become business men. You do something for me first then I will consider to do something back. It seems as if everyone is sitting on a bench waiting for the other to stand up, make a move, to act differently, to give hope. But, if we are all sitting on the bench, how will we make that possible?

I had a theory a few days back. A sad theory. I came across it when I looked at myself. It was Valentine’s day and I expected to see love around me. Not me particularly but at least around me. I know Valentine’s day has become commercial and seems an obligations but there is no need to spend money or act as expected from the rest of the world. On that day I only saw people complaining about that day, ridiculing it. On that day I saw selfish people, demanding people that did nothing but at the same time expected everything to happen to them. I grew sad. Then I thought of young people, how reckless and crazy they can be. They act on their feelings and take no time to let their heart be told otherwise by their mind. Why is that? Why when we are young we can do so many things, never expecting anything in return and later on we grow so cold? Because we were young, new, fresh and had no generous past to carry on with us. The older we get the more luggage we accumulate. Our thoughts and feelings change. Perhaps in the past we did a lot of things never expecting anything in return but then one day we realized why did we do them for people who did not deserve them? Now we think, it’s time for the other person to do those things for us. We set our priorities, blame our parents, clean out our friends list and start new. We start stronger. That’s the illusion. Stronger. We think we are stronger because we don’t let anyone come near our hearts that quickly anymore. We think we are stronger because we know what we want and we know we only deserve that, no less than that because we know our self-value. Stronger? Perhaps we should say colder. We’ve become colder. We closed ourselves in and created an ice fence around our hearts. We don’t have time for the things we used to have. We don’t want to ‘invest’ in people we don’t know or listen to people that seem somewhat different than us. Time is essential. We don’t want to waste our time! Colder. Sometimes a part of the fence melts and we let someone in. We begin to hope again and expected something more. Then something happens. We freeze again. The ice around our hearts becomes stronger and even more difficult to melt than before. Cold. We think we are stronger and have the ability to deal with disappointments easier because we’ve learned to not have any expectations from anyone. In fact we are detaching ourselves from the world. We become colder and colder until our hearts are unreachable.

How do we solve this? We can’t. We can’t expose our hearts anymore. It’s too precious for us. It’s become our treasure, our most valuable pearl. Perhaps one day, when the weather is warm and the birds are singing, for one moment, by mistake, a little part of the fence will melt and at that moment someone will steal our most valuable possession. Let’s only hope that the thief is…an honest and worthy one. What can we do until that day? Do our thing. I believe we all have our thing. We have the ability to create. I believe creativity is the key. Do something, no matter what it is, as long as you put passion into it, it’s good. And look around, do something for others too. If you give a compliment or make someone smile, you are not giving away a part of your heart. You are only doing something expecting nothing in return as you used to do when you were young. I said I am surrounded by selfishness but there are exceptions. I have met someone who helped me by giving me information without expecting anything in return, I have met another who gave a present just because he felt like doing so and another who loves to give hugs and compliments just to see me smile. Are they expecting something in return? Perhaps or perhaps not. I believe that heroes are not the ones we see in action movies. I believe heroes are those who have been through enough in their lives but are still able to look around, do something for another person and dare to move on. Those who let a part of their frozen fence melted knowing that that is the only way to stay alive.

One day all the little things you do for others just because you want to, will add up and you will see. Dare. Make mistakes. Don’t throw yourself off a bridge…but dare to do things that you usually wouldn’t do. Make mistakes and learn. Time is valuable, I agree, but moments are above it and moments last forever. Don’t be caught in by time and don’t think your time is that precious because time is not a possession, it’s merely a measurement method. At work time is money. But we are not working every single moment of our lives are we? If we do then we are only machines and nothing more.

So on this crappy weather day do your thing, let go of the time notion and dare. Dare to live and dare to give.

14 February 2018

V is for?

This year I will spare you with my sarcastic Valentine stories. Let's just say this morning I am in a good mood ;) (don't push it!)

This little text is inspired from Nat King Cole's song which you all know. God, I hope I spelled it right this time.

V is for the sweet Vibes you give to me,

A is for the Amazing you I daily see,
L you’re very very, Lethal as a baby,
E is for Every moment l smile and laugh just thinking of you.
N is for the Nights I dream of us,
T is for the many Times you make me blush,
I because I love you, darling I adore you,
N I can’t Nearly describe how sweet and polite you can be.
E is for the Extraordinary youuuuu......

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, share the love!

06 January 2018

To Do List 2018

Happy New Year everyone, wishing you all the best for 2018. My year started perfect, with new scars and pains, the future looking promising this year. But nothing can stop me from sharing with you the brand new ‘To Do List’ for 2018. It’s become a tradition truly and my heart is filled with love knowing that there are so many readers waiting for this list to be posted.

I won’t keep you waiting much longer.


After seeing the 'Crooked House', I must give it up for Max Irons and his incredible role as the detective. 

He is cool, distant and observant, his splendid eyes watching your every, little, criminal move. I like that in a man as long as he knows how to warm up the heart.


So what he’s got a bit of a rash? Prince Ernest from 'Victoria' is a catch! 

David Oakes has a noble charm and that smile just melts my heart. He is funny, cute and his accent is mesmerizing. I would definitely invite him for some tea. Those eyes can tell me many stories, I bet.

Is she a bitch? Is she an angel? 

With Rose Byrne I really can’t say. Those who have seen her in ‘The Spy’ and ‘X-Men’ will understand. She has a wicked, sexy combination that makes any man or any woman fall for her sweet personality and arrogant attitude.


Mister Turner can’t be absent from this list. His ‘Poldark’ role is just too good to set aside. He’s the perfect man, perfect husband, well almost perfect husband and he fights for justice and honor. 

Once a vampire, now a true gentleman. You gotta forgive him for his little…slips.


A flower always in bloom that goes by the name of Lesley-Ann Brandt. Sweet as she is in real life, as cruel and sadistic in ‘Lucifer’. 

She can beat the crap out of you and send you to hell but hey, if you really want the girl you should be willing to make some sacrifices. 


Who says that good men don’t fall out of the sky? Whoever says that has never met Thor. He nailed it with 'Ragnarok', saved the world once again and even with the unfortunate new pirate look, he still kept his dashing smile. His beautiful long hair is gone but he still looks perfect to me.


Auch, hot! Speaking of hot, here is Nyle DiMarco! Don’t count on him to put out the fire. He’s a fire starter, ladies! Someone call for help because he is too gorgeous to be alive and that body is accompanied by a beautiful and altruistic personality. You will fall in love with him immediately!



Still burning hot. 

Zoe Saldana is not making things any easier. 

We loved her in 'Galaxy 1', we adored her in 'Galaxy 2' and she is preparing some wonderful new roles for 2018. She is tough, smart, beautiful and deadly. If you die in her arms then you’ve made your life worthwhile.


Even though he creeped us out in ‘Life’ Jake Gyllenhaal’s effort to survive won’t go unnoticed. And yes, even if he rarely smiles in this movie, I still think he’s amazing. 

Still waiting for that Prince of Persia sequel, Jake!


Halloween is coming and yes, of course, how can Jensen Ackles miss the party? 

Dean Winchester loves cutting off vampire heads and butchering demons. 

But ladies, be careful, if you ain’t got beer and food in your fridge, you ain’t got Dean’s attention.



He is a weirdo but we like them nuts and twisted…no…not twisted nuts…I know you were thinking about that. 

G-Eazy has this way of being a bad boy with a good heart. He can be romantic in his dark and reserved way. And let’s face it, we all love bad boys.


 This one is not a bad boy. He is a very good boy….man, for that matter. Iain Dale stole our hearts and made us cry in his role as lord Melbourne in ‘Victoria’. Even though he played some mean roles in the past, in my heart I will continue to see him as the perfectly, good gentleman on whom I can always count.

Here you have it! Unfortunately there are only 12 months in a year so I can’t add any more (no matter how much I would have wanted that). Enjoy your To Do list! Unless this is the year our world ends, then in that case…try to do as many as possible in the little time we have left.